Scott Stevens

By Scott Stevens

LifeBuzz Staff

These Design Fails Are So Awful We Couldn’t Resist Sharing.

#6. Loot at that banjo!

The flamingo's are cool. The banjo placement, however, is not so much, well for the person wearing the pants. It looks like where the two flamingo necks came together on the seam. Or a banjo. Either way, poor girl!

#7. This is one crappy print.

This flower printed dress chose to place the print lower that it would normally be. Purposely? Who knows but it sure is funny!

This is one crappy print.


#8. Angles can play mind games.

It's all in the angle. This #1 cake actually says Emma. From this angle though, it looks like it's a male organ that says weed on it.

#9. Don't touch those!

She will happily grant you entrance onto the bus. But handle them gently ok?

#10. Who is going to blow it up?

Someone clearly wasn't thinking when they designed this kids balloon. Who is going to blow it up?

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